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new amsterdam marketat the South Street Seaport

I ‘m giving you ample lead time to plan on attending the next New Amsterdam Market (Dec. 20) because I don’t want any of you fellow food lovers out there to miss out on such a unique, lovely, and delicious event. I do have one word of advice, though: do not fill up on Anella’s brunch burger before hand (as superb as it is), because if you’re like me you’ll have no will power against the tasty treats laid out before you (fresh shucked oysters,  how could I say no?!) and those foods you do manage to say no to, you’ll later regret not pigging out on.

Things we did try that stand out? Said oysters from the friendly W&T Seafood stand (we opted for the Moon Shoal), pulled pork on crisps from Jimmy’s, a lemon tart pie, and ice cream from the Bent Spoon.

Things I will go back for? Lobster rolls (despite a crazy long line), chocolate black truffle caramels, a black skinned duck, perhaps some balls (testicles), and pretty much everything else I missed the first time around. See you there!

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Posted on December 13, 2009