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zach galifianakis live at the purple onionI recommended the Seth Galifianakis clips from youtube awhile ago but had yet to see the entire Live From the Purple Onion special that it was pulled from. As a fan, it's almost an inforgivable offense. Fortunately, it's available for instant viewing on Netflix (who sponsered it) so, finally, we sat down to it tonight.

If an hour of jokes about, among many things: Natalie Merchant lazer shows, Noam Chomsky eating pussy, and Mort Sahl appeals to you, you are probably already a fan of this charming, unhinged and wonderfully bearded comedian. You've seen him in the infamous Absolut Vodka ads, singing with Fiona Apple, and robbing gravy. Here you can also watch as he chastises the audience, throws around amazing flirty faces, and dives into self deprecation about his celebrity and beer gut status.

Aside from his turn as Seth, a few quirky short films of him hanging out on a road trip dot the dvd, but it's his stand up that will have you laughing most.?I was particularly struck by his character “a five year old complaining about his beard.”

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Posted on January 5, 2009

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