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whitney you give good loveAfter recommending her aunt's greatest hit last week, I was going to recommend Whitney's Whitney Houston album this week, but after spending time with it, all the filler just drags it down. On the other hand, her hits from the album are fantastic and choosing just one was a chore.

Depending on your mood each hit can get you right in your heart. If you're feeling like a home wrecker with off the shoulder dresses and headbands then Saving All My Love For You is your song.

If however, like me you have fond, fond memories of birthay parties at mall spin art shops and long to put a big bow in your hair (oh, God, yes I do, as soon as winter hats are no longer required) then saddle up to How Will I Know.

If you need a sense of pride and get sentimental over the children's laughter, you know where to go.

But today I happen to be in a getting Galmour Shots in hot pink spandex mood, so today I recommend You Give Good Love.

Also, it's just kind of nice to see and hear Whitney in such better mental shape.

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Posted on March 23, 2009

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