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yeti amon duul IIFrom the first notes of the heavy hook to all the spaced out creepiness that ensues, Amon Duul II's master work Yeti is a phenomenal and nearly incomparable double album. Though I do slightly prefer their debut record Phallus Dei which, like this one, is best listened to continuously, as a single piece of music, Yeti is a mind altering excursion into eccentric darkness.

It's widely acknowledged as one of the most interesting Krautrock albums, but the band continues to be ignored as focus is turned on better known bands like Can and Neu! though more and more people are beginning to discover them (the album is now available on iTunes).

Sure, it's not for everybody (or every occasion), it hits hard with its epic, dense, hallucinatory experimentations; but it's one of the greatest trips you can take. Is goth phsychedelia with a thick German accent and bongos awesome? My god, yes!!

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Posted on July 21, 2008

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