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yes we can can pointer sistersThere's just one fault I can find with the Obama inauguration – lord knows all the bloggers (even my favorites) are really bearing teeth. From Refinery29: “The First Lady's big brocade suit in chartreuse was, well, we hate to be the ones to say it, a bit much, especially when you add in the collar bling.” And from NyMag's live feed: “Oh, Aretha. What are you wearing on your head? Is that a Liberty Bow?” But my criticism is not sartorial. I adore Michelle, particularly in sunshiny yellow, and I certainly don't want to bad mouth Aretha and her booming big bow (why bother messing with the woman at all? She rules no matter what).

No, my only qualm is that the Obama team failed to take advantage of the classic Pointer Sisters ditty 'Yes We Can Can' during the campaign, and it turns out I'm not the only one who spotted this missed opportunity. This article appeared in the Las Vegas Sun on December 27th:?”We tried our damnedest, too,” says Anita Pointer. “We tried to contact his office and see if we could perform it for him. We really would love to be at that inaugural ball singing ?es We Can Can,' but we never could get any response from anyone.”

It's really too bad that her request fell on deaf ears — but don't let that stop you from jiggling around and feeling all hopeful by dancing in a new era in the privacy of your own home. I've always adored these ladies and this uplifting hit is one of their greatest.

“And try to find a piece of land without stepping on one another
And do respect the women of the world – remember you all have mothers
We got to make this land a better land than the world in which we live”

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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