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yaz double teamI know what Mickey Rourke was up to when we all didn't care about him – playing a villain opposite JCVD who surfaces at amusement parks. I know because I watched a third of Double Team a movie in which a (initially seemingly blind) Dennis Rodman wears cheap Halloween costume grade cyber tech bondage gear and goes by the name “Yaz“.

It cracked me up and while I usually don't have a difficult time explaining why something is funny, here I don't feel like I have to – his name was Yaz and it was Dennis Rodman.

The movie, sadly lacked the charm of a fine Seagal and insulted the late great Patrick McGoohan and Iron Maiden alike by ripping off The Prisoner, so we didn't it all the way through – but I did want to see more of Yaz, so I thought we might be going about it the wrong way: screw Double Team – let's just find more Rodman pictures..

Ends up there aren't very many. His other films available on Netflix include a Point Break rip off with skydiving in place of surfing and Stephen Baldwin in place of Patrick Swayze and another where Rodman is a “hip interpol agent” who has to team up with Dane Cook!

Needless to say, I didn't watch these and decided Double Team was a masterpiece by comparison. but Rodman just enjoyed making the film because there were “no refs”.

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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