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yamabushi designYamabushi is a design firm, but not a humble one. They have a manifesto which includes statements like:

“The overwhelming need to give voice to the voiceless, to champion the un-championed, to tell the story that has not been told. We also undertook this mission to give hope to light the way in these dark times. We at Yamabushi feel a responsibility to hold out that hand of hope, to show others that they can create and make a difference.”

Ok?Sounds like they're really into it.

Their colorful collage explosions really don't need all the hype though, they stand on their own as unique and exciting design. They manage, with their loud and innovative designs, to mix in neon colors, drawings of nude women, soul singers, eastern religious figures, aliens, skulls, samurais and kings into garish visual assaults that still manage, in a way, to not feel tacky and cheap.

Their site has t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc for sale and a lot, a lot, a lot of proud hyperbole like:

quot;Yamabushi is all about the underdog; all about the true essence, the heart, the very core. A lifetime of practice and study has gone into the creation of a truly unique product line.”


“It is an information war and we are the generals, the planning tacticians, who operate behind the lines with hidden hermit status, pushing the positive propaganda. We activate the genius mastery to destroy the veils of complex illusion and frequency control.”

But it's the work itself that speaks volumes and the sketchbook, which can be found on the “origins” page is the most thrilling to look at.

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Posted on June 2, 2008

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