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Yak Bak Jim and I were walking down the street when two kids playing with a yak bak that said “who farted?!” let it rip. They laughed and pointed at us and we had to admit, it WAS funny.

It got me thinking about other funny yak bak stories, like my friend Tony, who used to work in a sporting goods store. Instead of running down to check if they had another size of a customer's request, he'd use that yak bak as if it were a walkie talkie connected to a man named “Bob”downstairs. He'd ask his had device “Bob, we got anymore size 12 rollerblades?” the yak bak would respond with its pre-recorded “Nope” every time. Genius. Maybe not as immediately satisfying as asking who farted, which the kids really could have just yelled themselves as easily, but genius none the less.

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Posted on April 9, 2007

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