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y tu mama tambienMaking a sophisticated and touching sexual romp is a difficult task. Even director Alfonso Cuar?n didn't succeed his first time.

In Y Tu Mama Tambien, his break out hit, starring two of the most handsome exciting young actors of today he succeeds in creating a singular movie going experience. The story involves two young men that convince an older woman to accompany them on a trip to a secret beach. Erotic adventures and heart to heart confessions arise in the pristine atmosphere. The sex scenes, the buzz about which contributed to it's popularity with audiences, are as steamy yet tenderly realistic as you can imagine.

There is also an underlying feeling of foreboding, the ghost of mortality, aging, and losing ones innocence is like a forth companion to the three main characters on their journey to find paradise.

Cauron has gone on to direct the best Harry Potter film to date, and Children of Men, one of the best films of last year. We should all anticipate the next move from this varied and talented director.

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Posted on April 30, 2007

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