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from Spain

This thick hunk of Xocolata a la Pedra came home with us from Spain. We doled out chunks to eat like candy bars and I was instantly in love with the grainy rich deliciousness. We both agreed it tasted like hot cocoa powder condensed into a block, but not any old, bland Swiss Miss kind.

Well, after a little bit of research, I found out it tasted like that because that’s exactly what it is – condensed hot chocolate. Oh, turistas idiotas!

So, I tried it the correct way – as a hot beverage: Simply heat a block in a sauce pan with a little milk and add more milk as it melts. Without more precise instructions, I just eyeballed the amount of milk and under did it a bit but am happy to have a rich hot cocoa for the winter season that tastes this good.

Though, to be honest, I actually most prefer it the way I first tried it – nibbled raw – incorrectly or not. Wish I had grabbed a few more bars because it sadly doesn’t seem to be something I can purchase easily in the states.

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Posted on December 15, 2010

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