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by James Howard Kunstler (2008)

Among the many post apocalyptic novels, James Howard Kunstler‘s World Made By Hand is relatively tame in the fear department – that is if you are used to baby eating and zombies. The story centers around a former exec turned homesteader after the modern world ends as we know it.

Set in Upstate New York, he and others are learning to survive despite severe tragedy in a comparatively calm corner of a world gone wrong (major catastrophes in the major cities are hinted at). Nearby a tribe of nere do wells control commerce and a cult of religious folk come to town with a mind to take things over.

Jim, glancing over my shoulder, assumed that I would be having a hard time with the book when he saw some Bible quotes and olde timey talk. And, yes I would think this take on the end of the world wouldn’t work for me, but reading it was kind of like being at a party and getting stuck in a serious conversation while watching people get silly drunk out of the corner of your eye… ultimately becoming so engrossed in the conversation so that you don’t care.

It’s a bit pedantic, and hopeful in an almost golly-gee sort of way but it paints a very vivid picture of a possible future without modern technology (for good and bad) that will make you think and enjoy it.

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Posted on January 8, 2011

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