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wonka halloween candiesI love Halloween, clearly, and therefor I love when Halloween themed stuffs hits stores, most so with candy. Willy Wonka this year has a “Creepy Treats” bag perfect for trick or treaters and party guests.

The SweetTarts, which took the holiday most seriously by actually forming the tangy sweets into the shapes of skulls and bones get the highest grade for effort. Second in that respect would be the Nerds Bumpy Warts, which consists of grape flavored bumpy nerd shell and a jelly bean like center that did not thrill me in theory but tasted better than expected to a girl who has very little love for jelly candies.

Now the other two options are a bit lazier. Laffy Taffy simply made a graphic of a nose-less monster with bubbles of wax billowing from his ears and call it ear wax. The candy itself is yellow, which was maybe at least considered as the most ear wax-y color.

Perhaps least impressive are the Runts Fungus Toe Nails, which are just the bananas from regular Runts. Of course, it almost goes without saying that these are not least impressive in taste because banana runts are delicious but it's also really quite lazy. Still, taking the banana runts out of context and selling them as toe nails is also pretty ingenious and effective. You could really gross a kid out with them. Which is at least one of the things that Halloween is all about.

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Posted on October 27, 2008

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