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wondee siamThai restaurants are about as common as pigeons in NYC, but just as it's possible for a New Yorker to have no idea what a pigeon is (this is true, I once knew a guy who knew a guy), it's also possible to find a New Yorker who has never had Thai food. We ventured to this midtown hole in the wall with one such man, and I feel I should have warned him that not all Thai experiences will be as fulfilling as Wondee Siam II.?/p>

It takes something special to recommend a restaurant when there are so many decent versions of the same cuisine within a stones throw from anyone's apartment, but there are a few in the city and the boroughs that manage to stand out (previous picks Sripraphai and Noodle Studio for example). But Wondee Siam does them one better, it stands out and makes you want to eat there even though it's located in MIDTOWN. Not a place most people enjoy going to if they don't have to, but you know eventually you'll find yourself with a visitor or family around the theater district or Times Square. Instead of dreading the crowds now you can get excited about going to that part of town for authentic, spicy, and delicious Wondee Siam II (the original is just down the block and reportedly just as good). The service is friendly and my order of larb gai was perfect, as was Jim's pad se ew. Prices are cheap and so is the decor, but the food is sublime.

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Posted on September 3, 2007

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