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I was really in the mood for some sludge and after seeing that Black Sabbath Four was not available on itunes, found Witchcraft instead and was happy to hear that they fit the bill. I assumed from the low budget basement sound that the album was recorded decades ago but it's much more recent. The band probably would love to hear they managed to sound so authentic. From covering songs by Pentagram and literally recording in a basement, they seem happily entrenched in the sound of the past. They even look perfect with rock star long hair and

The Swedish band is on their way to be as underground and influential as the band that inspired them. The songs are dark and heavy and fans of Black Sabbath will be pleased so long as they don't mind the lack of catchy riffs. Her Sisters They Are Weak and Please Don't Forget Me are probably my favorites.

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Posted on August 24, 2009

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