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I am very much feeling the long braid for men and Willie Nelson is kind of the master of it.
Of course, the singer (one of my favorites) has much more accomplishments than just that to warrant a spot among my style icons.

He’s a rebel. Even if just a tax evasion weed smoking rebel, he stands firm on his beliefs which are mostly to be thankful and kind to others which in many ways makes him more independent and bad ass than the money hungry ego centric rock stars of today.

He’s an amazing talent (no one sings or writes the way he can) and one that always inspires us older people to keep on with our passions. He didn’t achieve his height of success until he was forty, not that “success” was ever really this outlaw/country/hippie/icon’s goal. He mostly seems to want to be happy and make others happy with his music (only stopping to fight for causes he finds important like farmers rights and the legalization of marijuana).

His music is special – I know I’ve had days where nothing but a willie Nelson song will do.┬áSo, aside from his effortless cool look- not only with those braids, but a perfectly fitted black tee and worn jeans, Nelson is just an awesome guy whose music makes my world a better place.

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Posted on June 17, 2012

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