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wild strawberries ingmar bergmanThis is a compassionate, sentimental journey, one that is well worth taking if you've never seen it, especially in light of the passing of its brilliant creator, the legendary Ingmar Bergman. Known for his innovative filmmaking, a Bergman film is what is generally thought of as the archetypical art house foreign film.

Often times his themes are dark, in this one an old man takes a road trip to receive an honorary degree with his daughter in law (played perfectly by Ingrid Thulin) while remembering things past; faced with his impending death, the man re-evaluates the life he's led.

It's one of the least bleak of Bergman's films, filled with hope and sentiment and it's also one of his most accessible to audiences. The beginning nightmare scene is an influential example of surrealist cinema which has inspired many, but this film's influence doesn't stop there, just watch Woody Allen's (excellent) Deconstructing Harry.

Bergman's life was spent creating amazing films to awe and inspire, I hope everyone has a chance to see his work. Wild Strawberries is a wonderful place to start.

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Posted on August 6, 2007

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