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playing wiiNintendo is always trying to revolutionize the way we play games and they've done it again with their ultra-interactive Wii system and its tubular controls. The accuracy is pretty impressive and getting a minor workout while playing video games is a added bonus.

I personally enjoy the boxing and bowling games, mostly because I'm actually kind of good at them (thanks Tae Bo). The Mario Party 8 game is also really fun and can be played by trading turns if you only have two controllers like my friends do. Nintendo's cute and quirky take on games has always made them my console of choice and the weird Japanese-y kooky style is still present.

A great feature are the Miis: little avatars you can customize to look like you and all your friends (or enemies). As you play games, non player's avatars sit in as your teammates and fans. It's been a long time since people brought their system over to play video games (I mean 'long time' as in at least a decade and a half), but the system is so new and so fun, it makes sense all us adults are acting like tweens again.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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