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wichcraftThe ubiquitous lunch meat sandwich which has graced everyone's lunch bag at least once barely resembles the delicacies served at 'wichcraft. Such exquisite fillings as marinated white anchovies and slow-roasted pork would make any kid willing to trade sweets for a bite.

Not that you would want to part with any of these amazing sandwiches for all the Oreos in the world. The prices would be steep if they were just sandwiches (around 8-9 dollars each) but these are better than “just” sandwiches and if you don't think there is such a thing, you just haven't tried 'Wichcraft'.

If you work in Midtown and need a good lunch in the out of doors, the kiosk at Bryant Park is not only pleasant, but the line moves quickly.

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Posted on September 18, 2006

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