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shania twain whose bed have your boots been underShania basically represents everything that I find unholy about the direction of modern country music. I like my pop music in my pop music but when it comes to twangy heartbreak I like it old timey Loretta Lynn style and nearly faint with grouchiness at the thought of modern country.

Still, there’s no point in denying that her big haired first big hit just gets me right in the gut and before I know it, I’m singing it all day long to the frustration of those around me.

In the video she’s a tarty waitress who spends more time flirting with the town’s sons, dads, and grandpas in a totally inappropriate work dress. On the cover of the single, wow, she seems to have taken some cues from Silk Stalkings and gone double breasted and somehow, inexplicably jump suit at the same time. This is pretty much a poster child for how the latest trend can go horribly wrong. Just look at the length of that crotch.

The song was written together with her then husband Mutt Lange who is legendary in the business for his hit making producing of AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Foreigner.

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Posted on March 30, 2009

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