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White WitchThere are five reasons I was drawn to this album: Ronn Goedert, Buddy Richardson, Buddy Pendergrass, Bobby Shea and Beau Fisher, the five members that grace the cover of this album like painted glam rock visions of fantasy and mystery. Fortunately, a listen to their offerings proved quickly that they were more than pretty faces and ahead of their time stylistically, despite fading into near-oblivion and sale racks. They found little success even in their day and it's such a shame because who knows what they could have accomplished with more time and support.

If you take Alice Cooper, add some
Sabbath, some Queen, and a little southern rock (which I wish I could take away) you have the beginnings of an accurate idea of this Floridian band's sound. Goofy at times in a good way (on the track “Don't Close Your Mind” which reminds me of 3-2-1 Contact), and at times goofy in a less tolerable way (like the novelty song “It's So Nice To Be Stoned”), White Witch are excellent songwriters and my own discovery of them has been a high point the year. In fact, if the entire album were as strong as the lovely “Sleepwalk” and “And I Am Leaving ” this could have been one of my greatest discoveries of all time.

Available on iTunes, surprisingly, and well, well worth your time.

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Posted on October 22, 2007

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