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I’ll be honest, my cooking and baking lately has resulted in the unexpected. Banana bread turned into a thicker almost pudding like creation recently, and even chocolate chip cookies from a back of the box recipe turned out entirely edible but undeniably strange (baking soda vs baking powder and brown sugar versus natural sugar does make a difference, it seems), and this Simply Recipes White Chili proved to be no different.

As you can see from my mediocre photograph, it’s not exactly white, which could beĀ  in part because of my inclusion of a generous amount of chili powder and red kidney beans, and it’s far more on the soup side of things than chili. This is my fault for opting to use what I had on hand, namely canned beans (both kidney and white) and guessing that two cans equals a pound of dried. I think I was wrong, and yet the meal was still absolutely delicious and fulfilling.

Seems that any recipe with a good basis can be messed with and still turn out noteworthy and Simply Recipes always has some good recipes to play around with.

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Posted on May 31, 2010

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