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White CastleThat's right, White Castle. For Valentine's Day they're offering candle lit table service by reservation only (I should warn you that I've heard they are already booked). I commend this chain for such a brilliant plan, when fancy restaurants tend to gorge you with mediocre and expensive pre-fixes, don't a few square, steamed burgers over candlelight sound enticing?

If you can't get a reservation, you can always pick up the frozen burgers (an obsession of mine) and light the candles yourself or pick up WC's “Cupid's Crave Kit” which include eight cheeseburgers, one sack of fries, two regular soft drinks, coupons and keepsake items to heat up your homespun romance.

Beware if this is a date and your significant other has no sense of humor and/or you are always a cheap bastard, so instead of seeming like campy fun this just looks like another night out with you.

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Posted on February 12, 2007

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