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whipped cream other delights herb alpert's tijuana brassTrumpeter Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss had a dream, an idea for a hot photo and 100 dollars in their pockets when they started A&M records and released this ubiquitous album. Sounding a lot like game show music on a cruise ship, (in fact I found out that several songs “Whipped Cream”, “Spanish Flea“, “Lollipops And Roses” and “Ladyfingers” were used as The Dating Game themes) this album can rarely not be found in any older person's home.

Their company, which benefited greatly from the album's popularity, was the nation's largest record company not owned by a conglomerate until they left their dream behind with 500 million in their pockets. That popularity can only fairly be somewhat contributed to Dolores Erickson and some strategically placed white stuff.

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Posted on July 2, 2007

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