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wendy's rap grill skillsThis Grill Skills Wendy's training video is totally legitimate, I even knew a guy who knew a guy who had to go through the teenage humiliation of not only working at Wendy's but having to learn “grill skills” from a terrible rapper designed to be identifiable to teens (as opposed to boring “old man” Dave Thomas reading from a teleprompter) who doesn't even rhyme:

“A towel for keeping your station clean
But most of all you have to have your… tools!”

Other words of wisdom of what to do with those tools (aside from playing rapping air guitar like the guy in the video):

“It takes about four minutes to cook
But just to make sure, you can have a look
Use your tool and double check
It should by gray and moist to be correct”

Ugh. Grey… and moist… uck. How could anyone use those two words to describe food as “correct”?

If you can't catch all the lyrics the first time around, no worries. Each step is belabored in semi rap duet as the white kid tries his hand at the grill station while the rapper yells “all right” behind him. The inane rhymes (or semi rhymes) are made far more embarrassing this way.

Do Enjoy, but “Don't touch it with your finger, cause that's a big no no!”

And by the way, it's in two parts and is pretty long, but I recommend you watch it all if you want to see burger patties with big purple lady lips yelling at you about what to do to them.

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Posted on August 4, 2008

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