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Weird Science(First Music I Bought With My Own Money)
You can always remember the first things you buy because it was something you wanted so, so badly that you decided to make steps towards being an adult and spend your own hard earned money on it. I don't think I was even allowed to see Weird Science when it came out, but that didn't stop MTV from introducing me to the theme song. I loved Danny Elfman's arrangement so much, I still remember the day my mom drove me to the record store and we asked the salesman if he knew where we could find it. He said the artist was Oingo Boingo and my mom and I laughed about that in the store, again in the car, and the whole family laughed when I brought the EP home. My sister and I played it on her plastic record player and became even more excited when we put on the other side – The B-52's Rock Lobster. Ah, to be seven and listening to Fred Schneider for the first time!

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Posted on January 1, 2007

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