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There’s a new movement in mothering. It says no to the common ideas babies should be left to cry, it supports co-sleeping, breastfeeding as long as you want, and babywearing. Some call it Attachment Parenting, some call it trusting your instincts, some call it spoiling your baby (pshaw!). Some think it’s a luxury, others think it’s insane.

But no matter what your philosophy on parenting, most moms can agree that at least the babywearing part is pretty awesome. And it’s been done the world over for pretty much forever though has only become a trend in the US fairly recently.

I started carrying with the ubiquitous (and terrible for your back) Baby Bjorn, but moved on to other, better structured carriers like the Gemino Becco and the Ergo. But my newest love is the wrap (and as you can see Van loves it too).

I was surprised how easy wrapping is and comfort wise, it feels like I am pregnant again rather than lugging around a big baby.

I found a gorgeous aqua hombre wrap from Girasol at Caribou Baby, which is an incredible resource for moms and moms to be. Owner and friend Adriane knows as much as anyone on the subject of babywearing and will help you get the hang of it.

I’ve found that the Girasol is a free trade product from Guatemala and they often come in rare limited edition colors – making it an special purchase which is really fun for us moms that thought our days of buying exclusive coveted items for ourselves were over.

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Posted on August 4, 2011

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