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Summer Perfection

While I wait to make this myself, I’d like to share this refreshing concoction of Watermelon Lemonade while the days are still so steamy.

Thanks to Chloe who made this for a recent party. It’s really a pregnant woman’s dream but, of course, delicious for everybody:

I used one of those mini watermelons. In 2 or 3 batches in my food processor i blended up the watermelon then put it through a sieve. Once it was all processed I put the whole batch trough the sieve again to take out more of the solids.

Juice of 5 or so lemons and a lime or two. Add to the watermelon juice.

Then I added maybe 1 part water and some simple syrup to taste (not necessary if you like it less sweet of course)- the turbinado sugar gives it a slightly more caramel flavor.

I like it diluted with seltzer too.

The photo comes from Smitten Kitchen, which has a similar recipe.

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Posted on July 25, 2012

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