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wario ware smooth movesWario Ware: Smooth Moves is one of the most fun video games ever, not only to play, but to watch someone else play–which is pretty rare. Nintendo is in full blown Japanese weirdo mode with tons of 5 second mini games.

Using different Wii controller positions like “the waiter” and “the umbrella” you rapidly work your way through mini games like: pushing someone down, pulling a nose hair, sawing a log, etc. The quick games come at you rapid fire, with no indication of what's next.

Once you complete a level, a slightly longer final game must be mastered before you can move on. These are a bit more complex, like ushering bathers into mens' and womens' bathrooms.

It sounds crazy, I know, and it is. Even the style is wacky. Each mini game looks different, adding another layer of kookiness to the proceedings. Often it looks intentionally old school, badly drawn, or reminiscent of old Nintendo games. Other times it looks like a slick cartoon.

Mike, who is awesome at this, recently opened multi player mode, which I haven't tried yet, but am excited to see.

It's a unique and hilarious game. You will love it.

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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