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walton, nyThe sleepy town of Walton, NY, (and by sleepy, I mean near-comatose), is such a relaxing, quiet place just outside of more populated and happening vacation towns. My friends moved there a few years ago and we have had the great pleasure of visiting their lovely Victorian village home to get away from it all many times in the past couple of years.

I say there's nothing to do here, and that is really part of it's charm, but it's not literally true. Danny's Restaurant and bar is ideal for friendly bar service, not so friendly local evil eyes, and a game (or ten) of pool. Also in town is a creek for fishing and a green for picnicking, not to mention the brand spanking new McDonalds that, no joke, people use the drive thru of in their Rascals.

And speaking of Rascals, everyone who's anyone has one here, but on our last visit we saw an inventive, enormous guy riding round town on top of a toy truck instead. We also witnessed an ancient man walking his cat. No one ever saw him move, but by after a few hours he'd somehow made it down the block.

The town of Delhi (20 min away) hosts two good restaurants: Crossroads Cafe for breakfast and the upscale elegant Quarter Moon Cafe which serves such local rarities like martinis, venison, and fresh local ramps. It's fairly new and a welcome addition to the area.

Andes also has a few great mexican restaurants. Nearer is the Old School House which has a brunch buffet that we usually enjoy every trip on the way home, right under the stuffed beaver smoking a cigar. So, the food options are more than just Micky D's, you just have to know where to go.

Other than reading and relaxing, antiquing is the other big activity. Spots can be found everywhere. The area also boasts many gorgeous homes for prices that would make a Manhattanite faint. If you are interested, my said friends are realtors and have many dream properties for sale.

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Posted on June 18, 2007

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