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the doors waiting for the sunJust like the pesky sickness that's been around in these waning winter days, another fever is spreading, whether you know it, or want it, or not? It's Doors fever and even those of you that don't care for them should get on board. Waiting for the Sun (which does not actually feature the song Waiting for the Sun) is a nice place to start. There's so much more to this riotous group than the hits you've heard on the radio and while Waiting for the Sun is their most relaxed and non-experimental record, songs like We Could Be So Good Together, Summers Almost Gone and My Wild Love will carry you on their mellow wings into the new season.

Not to Touch the Earth, another lesser-known, kind of spaghetti western track,?is actually a portion of the lost masterpiece Celebration of Lizard, the epic length Jim Morrison composition that was planned to close the album. Unfortunately the band was unable to get a solid track down (was Morrison's boozy behavior to blame? I can only assume), and Celebration was not included on the final product–which is why this album has just one down-side: a scant 32 minute play time. I tend to love the Doors best when they break the ten minute mark, nothing is longer than four and a half.

The hits on this one are great too. I looove both the anti-war songs, Five to One and The Unknown Soldier; and I don't even mind that Hello I Love You is overplayed. With a lyric like “Sidewalk crouches at her feet/
Like a dog that begs for something sweet” who could blame it for it's popularity? These songs are the most raucously Doorsy while much of the album is quieter and calmer, a quality that caused a lot of discontentment among the band's fans and critics. True, they don't kick ass as much (though in real life they were totally whooping it up), but this is a mellow spin anyone with new eyes will appreciate.

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Posted on March 17, 2008

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