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bbc waiting for godThe Brits have always been more willing to infuse their humor with a genuine sadness and Waiting for God, a comedy about two lively and intelligent elderly guests at a retirement home who are essentially waiting to die, is no different. Despite the insufferable laugh track (that the Brits also insist on) it's a complex, morose, and touching show with a Keeping Up Appearances facade and On Death and Dying soul.

The main characters Diana and Tom are played with charm by Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden. She is a sharp tongued mean old lady who was once a tough as nails world traveling journalist who has no intention of rolling over just because she's elderly. He is an imaginative sweetheart who led a simple life and longed for adventure that he had to make up, while she detests the simple life that's been forced upon her at Bayview Retirement Village. Tom moves in next door at his son's harpy wife's insistence and the two become reluctant friends and neat, joke filled, half hour escapades ensue.

While it's not a ground breaking show in style (imagine how much more modern it could have been if it were made post-Office) it does touch on subjects and characters who are rarely given a voice not only in television, but society. It reminds me of one of my favorite parts of the great novel, Cloud Atlas that also took place in a nursery home in england.

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Posted on December 28, 2008

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