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vulture shark sculpture park mc paul barmanMC Paul Barman was a Brown student when we were attending RISD, and he became a kind of cult hero when his home recorded cassette tapes made the rounds, the kind of guy I could impress people by recalling the few times we met or hung out.

Later, the larger world took notice, specifically the larger world of Prince Paul, who produced Barman's first release, and he became a local celebrity no more, but a real live famous person. Somewhere in the piles of stuff we have, some still in boxes, I think I still have his original cassette tape, with a song my friends and I loved on it with the lyric “I make the girls Cy like Twombly“. That's the kind of smart nerd rhyming that has set him apart from other white rappers.?/p>

Alas, I can't find that tape right now, and the name of that song is lost to me at the moment, but this one from his Paullelujuh! album is equally odd and entertaining. Not everyone is a fan, there are some funny reviews from guys that expected him to sound like Gravediggaz or De La Soul (other Prince Paul projects) and were really, really disappointed. Basically, take a look at the guy and imagine him rapping and that's pretty much exactly how he sounds.?/p>

Now imagine lyrics like this:
“It was time to copulate but we didn't want to populate/
So my bold groin reached for my gold coin proooophylactic/
I unwrapped it, you can't know how I felt/
It wasn't a gold coin condom, it was chocolate Chanukah gelt/
The white part crumbled on her tummy and the rest began to melt/
Foiled again….. “
And this:
“My pissed off Jabrowski/
Turned three colors like Christov Krislowski”
Sounds fun, right?

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Posted on September 10, 2007

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