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Primary Elections

If you’re registered with a party, make sure you get out Tuesday to vote in the primary! I love voting and find the less flashy elections give your vote more credence and power since, sadly, so few people turn out for them.

It’s disappointing how few people are up on politics and lack a desire to be part of the process. I have to say though, the lack of concise, unbiased, easy to find information about the candidates is a shame and makes the voting process less appealing to many. I spent the better part of a morning doing research once I could find the information about what I would even be voting on (our city’s website is messy at best).

This election we will also be using an entirely new voting system. I was initially excited until I heard about the major flaws. The font is supposed to be fairly minuscule (so bring your glasses) and if you accidentally over vote the scanning machine will greet you with the confusing option of casting or not casting. You do not want to cast – instead get a new ballot if you want all of your votes counted.

As a registered democrat, there are a few exciting competitions. I am most passionate about the one for State Committee. Lincoln Restler and Kate Zidar, who have reached out to our community are a breath of young, fresh air up against a tired machine. They are enthusiastic, environmental, and I fully endorse them. In other races, I am voting against Gillibrand, might stay with incumbent Lentol, and am not decided yet on perhaps the biggest and most up in the air race for Attorney General though I am leaning towards Schneiderman or Rice. If you have the power, I’d appreciate a vote against Pedro Espada Jr. and Hiram Monserrate.

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Posted on September 12, 2010

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