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back forty voodoo rootbeerI recommended Back Forty awhile back for their impressive New Year's Eve menu and since then it's become a favorite destination for my friends. Recently it was the site of a very well deserved lazy Sunday group brunch. Fresh donuts with icing like Pillsbury's orange rolls, pork jowl nuggets, spice-dipped feta, and poached eggs over creamy cheese grits and mushrooms.. yes, it was great, but since I hate to repeat restaurant picks, Back Forty is making my list this week for their VooDoo Root Beer.

It's an amazing, spiced cold weather drink made from Chelsea Stout beer, that's dark as molasses fortified with dark rum that's been spiced for days. My friends tried to make a version at home, they recommend using a darker stout than Guinness and plan to infuse their rum for with cloves and vanilla a couple days beforehand.

If all that seems like too much hassle, just stop by the long wooden bar and order yourself one or two. But do it quick, Back Forty changes up their menus often and it might not stick around forever.

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Posted on March 16, 2009

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