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vol de nuitNearly universally known as the Belgian Beer Bar, Vol de Nuit, in whatever village, is an old reliable and offers one of the best selections of Belgian beers and the some of the darkest corners to drink them in.

Seating is limited and the place can get packed due to its understandable popularity, but if you're lucky, a window table up front will open up and the light coming through said window will allow you to actually see the person you're talking to.

They also boast a great outdoors space up front that manages to feel private and secluded even though it's right on 4th St.

My favorite of the beers that I've tried is La Chouffe, a high alcohol (like many Belgian beers), slightly citrusy light ale that features an adorable Gnome on the logo (at least, he's as adorable as a Gnome can be). But just to prove it wasn't only the Gnome that appealed to me, I drank it from a different glass and was still satisfied, if only slightly less joyful.

Vol de Nuit has a selection of mussels and fries with many preparations and dipping options. I tried their fries for the first time recently (with the garlic mayonnaise) and have to say they are exceptional. No word on the mussels yet, but hopefully they are prepared with as much skill.

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Posted on August 13, 2007

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