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vincent casselI first saw the glorious visage of Vincent Cassel well over ten years ago in a film that's gradually developed quite a cult following and spawned a spanking new two disc Criterion release, La Haine. For a young woman with a thing for extreme facial features, I had hit romantic daydream paydirt.

Since then I've enjoyed him throwing around some crazy weaponry with his gorgeous wife Monica Bellucci (with whom he has a lovely daughter named Deva, who is likely to become the most uniquely beautiful woman in the world) in Brotherhood of the Wolf, but had missed him on the screen until his prominently eye baggy performance in Eastern Promises.

It's not that he's been totally absent, I just don't think I can stomach the still controversial Irreversible and, despite all the good things people have said, I can't bring my self to deal with the smugly self congratulatory Danny Ocean series.

According to imdb, Cassel's upcoming projects include an Orlando Bloom thrilled called The Cross.

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Posted on March 2, 2009

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