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Villie ValoWho thought a man who poses like this, looks like a prettier Billy Corgan attacked by a Hot Topic, whose band's logo is a heart pentagram(!), and was discovered by me in a sexified, new MTV version of Summer Wine— a version I do not condone–could win my heart by being so gosh darn adorable.

There weren't many goths in my grade in high school, my generation was like the golden years between world wars, there were goths (or, as my sister coined the phrase “skweekers”) that Meghan dated who were older and hung out in the vampire clubs (I've told you about my night at a vampire club, right?) who listened to Skinny Puppy and made their goth clothes out of old army jackets and misunderstood energy.

Younger than me cropped a new breed of goths (or as “Mean Steve” dubbed them, NPCs). These ones added Japanime and striped knee highs to the mix (to no one's benefit) and I don't know where they party, just that they evolved into Emo (which I thought meant sad stuff like Elliot Smith a few years back, no?) and the police of North Dakota are afraid of them.

Vallo belongs to this new world and he is adored by cutters and their pudgy friends everywhere. He fronts a band called H.I.M. (a band “created by typical teenagers wanting to live life to the fullest, and experience the ultimate.”) which I almost thought might be ok, simply for the reason they are Finnish and what haven't the Finnish gotten right? But believe it or not, I'm too old to appreciate songs called Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly and Killing Loneliness that sound more Gin Blossoms than the Cure.

But I'd take this guy home over Robert Smith any day of the week.

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Posted on April 9, 2007

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