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viktor rolfLike the spunky innovators they've always been, Viktor and Rolf shook things up and embraced the new with their Spring 2009 collection. If you've ever dreamed of sitting in the front row, or anywhere in the same building for that matter as one of the duo's fun and fantastical show, now you can. Or at least you can view as anyone else would, from Carine Roitfeld to Viktor and Rolf devotee Tilda Swinton.

The digital show, which cost as much as a live one to put on, with over 50 technicians employed to make it right, stars Shalom Harlow and ?Shalom Harlow, the raven haired pallid beauty wears all the Swarovsky crystal encrusted creations. Granted, even with the wild black and white geometric leggings and bold striped ruffles, this is one of the team's more modest servings, it's still a grand display of fun fashion.

The site also takes you back to previous collections. Remember the Pierrot collection, where white clad ladies stepped out of Harlow's mouth? Or last season's literal statement collection (No!) Oh, and there was the one where all the models held their lighting and music on their shoulders.?Yes, friends they're all there, and make sure to look at the spectacular and funny Bedtime Story.

It's great to see all their work in one place, even if the beautiful design can sometimes be hard to navigate through.

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Posted on October 20, 2008

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