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vp debate funny sarah palinIn what was likely the most lively of the debates, if the first presidential snooze fest was any indication, Palin was folksy and winky and Biden, in my opinion, mostly ruled. Expectations were so low for the hockey mom that honestly the only way she could have failed as by farting and fainting at the podium. It's clear whom I favor in the race, but based on the debates' viewership, they and this election are important to everyone and that is assuring. I prefer an impassioned, but well informed person I disagree with to an apathetic moron any day.

But back to my bias, I can not stand Palin and as much as I would have loved to see her completely fail, which she didn't, I got enough satisfying cringes out of her lame phrases, the clear fact that she sometimes had no idea what the questions meant and her hairdo. It was classic Hairstyles Magazine, business in the front, prom in the back.

I hope the upcoming presidential debates prove to be more heated and illuminating. The next is Tuesday, Oct. 7th and the last will be on the 15th.

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Posted on October 6, 2008

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