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vibrations of doomVibrations of Doom is possibly the greatest thing on this list; why you ask? Is it because this website has a radio station online where you can listen to new heavy metal like Bal-Sagoth and Draconian? No! Is it the weekly zine? Absolutely not! Is is the live concert vhs tapes you can purchase? Well, actually that part is pretty awesome – who wouldn't want to take a look at Motely Crue in 1986? But what is it, really, that makes this site so amazing? Just click on the “Classic Albums” button and you will be presented with one of the most awesome and amazing collections of obscure classic heavy metal album art – even cooler, you can hear snippets of the songs.

Hours and hours can be spent in awe, I mean just look at the image to the left (cover for “One Step Into The Uncertain” by Adrian) or Bashful Alley (wonderful name by the way) and or the apropos imagery for “Who Dominates Who?” by Accuser, plus check out this bad ass babe on Picture's Diamond Dreamer cover.

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Posted on July 17, 2006

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