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very short list websiteVSL, or Very Short List is a “a collection of distinct, free, daily e-mails that each recommend one must–see gem a day.” Already I've put some interesting sounding books on my wish list: The Oxford Project, The Hellfire Clubs, and Woman's World to name a few. It's also been an excellent reminder to dvr some upcoming shows like Summer Heights High (which you'll be reading about here soon) and this weeks best laugh: Ricky Gervais – Out of England.

Unlike a lot of weekly email services which seem to be more on the advertisement side of things, Very Short List seems to be genuine recommendations by intelligent people. They focus on “products that deserve attention but haven't already been subject to giant media pile-ons” meaning, there is a lot here to be discovered. And soon there will be even more with the addition of a Books, Food, and Kids section.

Thanks, Laura for the recommendation.

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Posted on November 17, 2008

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