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Artist of Scarves

Anyone that’s bought a from a vintage shop will likely find a Vera Neumann scarf in their drawers. But lest you think she and her work are just old fashioned though – you’ll find that she’s having a bit of a resurgence.

Anthropologie has a We Love Vera collection based on her work and her website is very modern with a “bright, happy, inspirational” blog that was surprisingly excellent (I wish blogs as loving existed for more of my favorite people).

A creative woman who followed her passion for painting into success, Vera soon found her scarves gracing the necks of women like Grace Kelly, and in an iconic shot, the naked torso of Marilyn Monroe.

She was nothing if not prolific and her happy painted flowers, geometrics, and suns have made the world a more beautiful place.

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Posted on August 18, 2011

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