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Vampire's KissAhhh, it's like remembering what an adorable baby some punk nosed shit kid used to be. Nicholas Cage used to be awesome. We all know it, we all saw Raising Arizona, but have you seen this overlooked crazy thing? Cage is at his over the top best in a truly unclassifiable movie.

Technically about a man who may have been turned into a vampire by an even-hotter-than- Flashdance Jennifer Beals. One thing is for sure, he's growing more and more insane and his poor secretary “ALVAA!!” is bearing the brunt of it. The screenplay was written by Joseph Minion who wrote After Hours, so if you've seen that (and you should), you kind of understand what you're in for; in a word — dark, in two words — dark comedy. Plus, much like River's Edge for Crispin Glover or Heavyweights for Ben Stiller – this is Nicholas Cage's finest hour of scene-chewing excellence.

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Posted on June 19, 2006

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