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vagabondishAmerica has a long tradition of vagabonds and men living free. Hobos have particularly caught the imagination and struck the funny bones of people today, but jokes aside, their legacy is truly fascinating.

Vagabondish is a site for today's “vagabonds” and shares a little with the true vagabond spirit, it's more of a high tech travel guide, owned by the Travel Channel for those “vagabonds” that have the money and flexibility to travel constantly.

It's got neat top lists like: 7 Bizarre Tours You'd Actually Sign Up for ?Maybe, 5 Movies That Inspired Me to Travel, and 11 Bizarre Hotels That Will Knock Your Socks Off. Fun ideas and information for everyone who likes to travel.

And as a nod to the vagabond tradition they have this link to real symbols used in hobo sign language. Learn to know the difference between the symbol for “a kind gentleman lives here” and “a man with a gun lives here”

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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