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V - The Original TV Miniseries Marc Singer (Beastmaster) plays a tough guy news cameraman convinced that “The Visitors”, humanoid aliens that have landed on our planet led by the beautiful Diana, are evil. Singer is totally right, the Visitors are evil, and they quickly enslave the human race by expertly manipulating the very news station Singer once worked as a photog for. This 3 and a half hour mini series began the whole V cycle, continuing with V – The Final Battle and concluding with V – The Series. Throughout the story, poignant parallels are drawn between the alien regime and Fascist movements of the 20th century, sometime there parallels are a little too poignant (I remember Robin ((who I hate)) having to say goodbye to her grandfather or something equally schmaltzy being a perfect time to order take out). All in all, this series is great, and even though there are some evident shortcoming and the production feels a little bit dated (it was a TV show made in 80s, after all), this is an ideal program to commit to on a chilly weekend if you happened to find yourself too hung over to really leave the house.

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Posted on December 5, 2005

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