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Marc SummersJim and I decided that of all the shows we watch, the one that we'd be most embarrassed to have on if someone super cool (like Limp Bizkit or Joan Didion) dropped by is this goofy documentary show with segments about amazing subject like the crazy lady that loves M&Ms. “They all have their own personalities, red is slutty,” she says (or something like that–I'm paraphrasing) in her M&M ball cap stuck in her M&M bean bag chair; the best LITTLE [insert something like pretzel stick or mini marshmallow] that's actually… [wait for it]… BIG! on taste; or the barrage of cookie factory footage. You want to know how these things get made? In factories on machines, just like they were in Mr. Rogers's day.

But then I got to thinking about all the other Marc Summers projects that we also watched all the time. Sure, I was a kid when Double Dare aired, and when you're a kid, what's the harm in watching a family dive through fake vomit or throw nerf shit into each others wacky helmets? But I was not a kid when we stayed up late at night watching What Would You Do? A sad rip off of Double Dare that I'm sure would have eventually put Summers's head in the oven if Food Network hadn't come a calling.

I swear we weren't stoned when we watched it but we may as well been. The show was shot on the Universal Studios lot in Orlando and the audience were paying park visitors who had to perform 'challenges' like drinking milk really fast with phrases like 'Eat a Twinkie with Gravy' taped to their foreheads and finally had to go through an obstacle course (that would never have made the grade on Double Dare) fashioned entirely out of pies. There was the Pie Pod, the Pie Slide, the Pie Pendulum, Pie Roulette, Pie Wash, Pie Coaster, and Pie in the Sky. All are intensely detailed on Wikipedia by someone who must be a huge fan AND a huge weirdo.

Please watch all of these clips and laugh like we are including “mom sent to the pie pod“,”Teenage boy goes down the pie slide“, and “Boy puts foot in worms

I just learned that Marc has OCD which must have made all that pie mess really difficult for him. He has a book about the affliction, but I draw the line at his literary work.

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Posted on March 26, 2007

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