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Wintertime Funtime

Friends Astrid and Marcus are hostess and host extraordinaire. Just take a look at the photo-montage that adorned the invite of this month’s party, which, in acknowledgment of the frigid temperatures, was ugly sweater themed – you’d be amazed just how easy they are to find.

Several guests discovered an abundance of suitably unstylish garments at an Upper West Side Salvation Army, while Jim skipped the “vintage” route and pulled about half a dozen options right off the rack at one of the many discount shops on Manhattan Avenue right around the corner here in Greenpoint (you know those shops with the outdoor racks of faux Calvin Klein). Note the unusual length and half mock neck that passes for fashion in today’s world of Cosby sweaters.

I got my bejeweled masterpiece years back while in Austin, just knowing that some day it would come in handy…

ugly sweater party

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Posted on January 31, 2010

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