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casual fridays tv carnageWhile not every clip on TV Carnage's utterly fantastic compilations is American (lots of Canadian gems are slipped in) it is a fascinating and laugh out loud (I know that phrase is clich? but I mean it – you will be laughing at times until you can no longer breathe) is a hilarious portrait of American influenced Western culture.

Waaaaaay ahead of it's time (youtube and shows like the Soup have caught up to it) TV Carnage released it's first compilation ten years ago called “Ouch Television My Brain Hurts“. But what is this TV Carnage I speak of? I'll let them describe it as they do so eloquently on their site:

“In case you don't know: Each TV CARNAGE volume is hundreds of hours of exceptionally bad TV lovingly fused together into an hour plus; glorious cesspools of retardation.”

And I might add – they are AWESOME. Just, awesome. The Current Affair in depth story about a red neck attack on Michael Damien alone is one of the greatest things I have witnessed.

Jim and I enjoyed the compilation entitled Casual Fridays (where the Damien story and a clip from Stairway to the Stardom called “Hairdresser'' can be found) and A Sore for Sighted Eyes which understandably relies heavily on Mr T's “Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool”.

Order today!

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Posted on June 30, 2008

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