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turban knit hat for winter brittany hagueI am sure I'm not the only jerk in the room whose given a gift and always secretly (or not so secretly I suppose if you're going to blog about it) wishes they had just kept it for themselves. It happened last Christmas when I bought a great knit turban hat from my friend Stacy's fabulous vintage shop, Exquisite Costume.

I've looked at myself passing by windows and mirrors every cold day since, in my unimpressive, bland Rite Aid knit hats and felt less myself and wished a turban hat could find its way to me. This winter, I made that request to Stacy and she set one aside for me when it came in. She is great that way, so seriously if you are looking for something specific, turban hat or no, contact her.

Anyways I love my hat, I walked out and felt I could finally face the cold weather in some sort of fashion that suited me. Hey, it makes up a little bit at least for the necessary evil of down coats, right? Plus mine has a slight Carmen Miranda flair to it which keeps wintry blues away.

The turban may not be on trend yet despite a recent Prada fueled resurgence on the catwalk remarked upon (with a skeptical eye) in this 2007 Times article unless you are a Hasidic woman, but who really cares? And I was right about neon a ways back, so who knows.

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Posted on December 28, 2008

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