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trouble lindsey buckinghamWell, I finally got over my fear of disappointment and listened to some solo Buckingham, and you know what: it's good! Despite the very 'of its time' sound, Trouble is an addictive and uniquely Buckingham take on the eighties pop song.

It has a way of instantly feeling nostalgic and cheesily touching, even on the first listen. A crazy video (possibly set in rock and roll heaven?), shows off Lindsey's down-right adorability with his floppy hair and ten inch shoulder pads (still a good sport, Mick play drums for him). I'm falling more and more in love with this song even as I write this… I should never have doubted my curly haired golden boy.

P.S. This video is nuts and also worth a watch… His head spins around after he throws away a jack in the box with himself inside of it–just watch. Plus he's a bit thinner and eye-lined, which is way hot.

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Posted on July 9, 2007

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